Lobster Fried Rice: The Easy Way

Lobster fried rice has become one of my signature foods. A quick look at it shows that it has been in existence for over four decades. On the first visit to my Grandma’s house, she proudly served it to me when I was a teenager. At that time, it was just one of those rare treats that had not yet become a tradition. My cousins and I used to ask for seconds whenever we were hungry. This dish literally brought back many fond memories for me.

From that day on, whenever someone asked me how to make it, I could tell them that it was a version of gon na (brown rice). It is very simple and the preparation part was not difficult at all. “With females, you also get the brown rice,” he explained of his dark brown sack which turns brown when cooked. Then, he would crack those big chunks, just the size of rice grains, and just as delicious, make them into skewer or strainer. The legs get smashed or ground to get rid of the meat.

I learned that the cooking instructions would be the same as with any lobster fried rice recipe. All you have to do is to drain the fat away from the meat by using a large non-oil drum stick. You can use brown or white rice (depending on the flavor of the fish), but you should keep the ingredients separate.

When it comes to making a recipe more interesting, adding ingredients that you would find only in the Far East can really bring out the flavors of the original recipe. In this case, the addition of Long Life Noodles to the recipe brought out a unique flavor that no one would ever replicate. The Long Life Noodle sauce was a natural choice since it is made from dried yellow wheat that is used in most Far East dishes and the noodle itself has a long life (up to 2 years) which gives it an excellent texture.

Long Life Noodle sauce can be prepared in two ways: one is using a deep fryer and the other one is by using the skillet. The skillet is much quicker than the deep fryer. In this way, you can prepare the lobster fried rice as soon as you wake up. In addition, the ingredients of this recipe can be adjusted according to your taste, just add more or less oil and other spice to adjust to your desired taste.

My parents were the ones who came up with the original lobster fried rice recipe in our family. They made it the same way that we do the chicken dishes today using boneless, skinless chicken and white vinegar. My mom has made slight modifications to this recipe and today it has become a family favorite. Of course, it is always good if you have someone who knows how to make lobster fried rice to tweak it for you. My dad can make some amazing chicken dishes and he also does some added modifications to his recipe.

To make the lobster fried rice more authentic, my mom will make some additions to the recipe when she finds something she likes. She will also use different Chinese ingredients based on what she already has on hand. For instance, she will sometimes add dried shrimp to the batter along with some dried bok choy (her favorite). This allows her to have both items readily available should she be in need of them.

As far as Chinese ingredients go, soy sauce is typically the most common ingredient found in a recipe. However, there are many recipes that will use other Chinese sauces or mustard. Most chefs find that using soy sauce provides a rich flavor that is not too spicy for those who do not like their food too hot. It also provides a nice balance for those who might not like a strong flavor. It is great for adding flavor to a dish, but if you want a less strong tasting flavor you might want to consider using a different type of soy sauce.

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