How to Maintain Your Lobster’s Freshness

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ve probably tried lobster before. Lobster is a delicious and healthy protein that can be enjoyed in many different ways. However, if you don’t know how to properly store it, your lobster can quickly go bad. In this article, we will discuss how to maintain your lobster’s freshness so that you can enjoy it for days (or even weeks) after purchase!

One of the most important things to remember when storing lobster is to keep it cold. Lobster should be stored in the refrigerator as soon as possible after purchase. If you can’t get it into the fridge right away, make sure to place it in a cooler with ice packs so that it doesn’t start to spoil.

Once your lobster is in the fridge, it’s important to keep it properly sealed. You can store lobster in a plastic bag or container, but make sure that it is tightly sealed so that no air can get in. This will help to keep your lobster fresh for longer.

If you plan on eating your lobster within a few days of purchase, you can keep it in the fridge. However, if you want to enjoy it for a longer period of time, you can also store it in the freezer. Just make sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or a freezer bag so that no air can get in and damage the lobster meat.

When you’re ready to eat your lobster, simply thaw it in the fridge or cook it straight from frozen. Lobster is best enjoyed fresh, so make sure to enjoy it within a few days of cooking.

By following these simple tips, you can easily enjoy fresh lobster for days (or even weeks) after purchase. So next time you’re at the seafood counter, don’t be afraid to pick up a few extra lobsters for your next meal!

Do you have any tips for storing lobster? Let us know in the comments below!

How To Cleanly Eat a Lobster: Tips and Techniques

Lobster is a delicacy that many people enjoy, but it can be difficult to eat. With the right technique and tools, however, you will enjoy this wonderful meal much more than if you were just hacking away at your food with a butter knife. In this blog post we will discuss how to cleanly eat lobster using tips and techniques from those who know best!

The first step is to remove the lobster’s claws. This can be done by twisting them off or using a pair of kitchen shears. Some people like to eat the claw meat as-is, but I prefer to remove the meat from the claw and then dip it in melted butter.

Next, use a sharp knife to split open the lobster’s body. You will want to cut it in half, lengthwise so that you can remove its stomach and intestines. Some people like to leave these parts inside for presentation purposes, but they are bitter and should be discarded before cooking or eating your meal.

After removing the intestinal tract, use a knife to crack open the lobster’s tail. If you are planning to dip your meat into melted butter, this is a good time to do it as well.

With that done, use a fork and knife (or just your hands) to eat away! Some people like to start with the claws and legs before moving on to the body, but it is up to you. I personally like eating the tail first, followed by the claws and legs until my meal is gone.

Of course, eating it with your hands is perfectly fine as well. Remember that it’s alright to get messy while enjoying this delicious seafood!

Now that you know how to cleanly eat lobster, go out and enjoy this wonderful meal! And don’t forget to tell us about your experience in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!

How To Find The Best Lobster Recipes

Lobster recipes are often easy to find and even hard to make. It seems that Lobster is always in season and the only problem is trying to locate the best lobster recipes. You can easily locate lobster that will satisfy your taste buds but finding recipes that are lobster-related and lobster specific can be a bit more tricky.

The Maine lobster is one of Maine’s signature dishes and can be found in various restaurants. This particular lobster recipe has a lot of variations and is very tasty. For this lobster recipe, you will need; lobster, butter, white wine, butter, salt, and pepper to taste. Salt and pepper should already be added to the recipe. Now when you have gathered these items, you should mix them together and then cook them in the pan over low heat.

Next, you need to gather the ingredients. These ingredients are: lobster, white sauce, salt, pepper, and olive oil. The white sauce will be used as the main ingredient of the recipe. You should also have about an inch of olive oil on hand to prepare your recipe.
When you have gathered these items, the next step is to cook the lobster. Once the lobster is cooked and the white sauce is done, you should now add the salt and pepper to taste. You may want to add the parsley tops to the mix if you do not have them. The mixture should be mixed together well. Now you are ready to turn the lobsters.

For the third ingredient, you should find some garlic cloves and crush them up. Then, you should sprinkle them all over the lobster breasts and the white sauce. You should also mix in the olive oil and salt to taste. When the lobster breasts are cooked, you can now add the butter and parsley mix if you did not do so previously.

To prepare the lobsters, you should first remove them from the shell and cut them into quarters. You should then deep fry them in some butter. Once they are almost set, you can now add any other ingredients for your seafood recipes such as fresh lemons or lemon juice.
As you can see, it is quite simple to make these best lobster recipes. These recipes are not only very tasty, but they are also healthy for you. You do not have to worry about anything when preparing these lobster recipes because you are actually making a delicious dish. When eating this lobster dish, you will be satisfied and you will have satisfied the stomach as well.

So, you should try these best lobster recipes today. You can try different variations of it to find out which one you like best. You can also try it with different ingredients and flavors so that you can create your own unique flavors. Just make sure that the lobster is cooked properly and that it is cooked enough. Cooked lobster will not taste good if it is overcooked or undercooked.

You can look for the best lobster recipes over the internet. There are so many websites that offer instructions on how to cook lobster. There are pictures as well as videos included so that you can follow the instructions very well. Some of these recipes may even suggest using ingredients that you may already have at home. If you can not find the ingredients, you can just look for them in your kitchen and you will surely find what you need.

Most of the recipes suggest using lobster meat. But, if you do not like the taste of this meat, you can also substitute it with other ingredients such as shrimp, chicken, or even vegetables. The recipes usually indicate which type of seafood is used for cooking. So, you should know the different types of seafood that you like so that you will be able to prepare the best dishes that you possibly can. In this way, you will be able to ensure that you will be serving your guests the best dishes. If you are not sure about which type of seafood is best for you, then you can ask a professional in the industry for his recommendation.

However, if you are going to purchase the food from a store, you should ask the store owner about the preparation process. The recipes that they have should be ideal for preparing lobster. In most cases, the lobster that they sell has already been cooked. So, if you want to try out the best-tasting lobster then you should make sure that it has not been cooked.

When looking for the best lobster recipes, you should also consider the seasonings that will be used on your dish. Since lobster is commonly served during summer, you will have to look for lobster recipes that are made especially for summer. Do not settle for something that is just meant for freezing. You should also look for salt and pepper that will be used to make the food taste better. Once you find the lobster recipes that you will be using then you can start enjoying the delicacy that is lobster.

Cooking Lobster Tail – From Steaming Lobster Tails To Soft Stuffed Shells

Lobster tail is one of those recipes that is almost too easy to prepare. They are simple enough to be made by any cooking enthusiast, even if you are a beginner at cooking. You can also try making it from scratch if you are feeling a bit adventurous. Here’s how to do that in just a few minutes!

One of the key things you need for successfully cooking lobster tail is a pot that will not boil over or get scalded. You do not want to find yourself having to throw the whole mess away because your stovetop was too hot! One thing that I would consider a bad idea with this recipe is using a deep fryer. Though it is quite an old-fashioned way of cooking lobster tails, it does not give you the same results as a deep-fryer would.

Many people believe that cooking lobster tails in a pan with any type of cooking oil will give them a tough, rubbery texture. The fact of the matter is, cooking lobster tail in a pan with any type of cooking oil will give you a rubbery texture. This is completely normal, so do not worry. What you need to pay attention to is that when you have finished grilling your lobster tails, they will be extremely tender. You can tell because the meat will be very lightly browned inside.

As far as cooking lobster tail in a skillet, this is not the optimum way to do it. Since lobster meat is extremely sensitive, you need to bring it to just around the stage of cooked lobster meat at most. When you bring it to this point, you need to use a side burner to thoroughly heat the oil, not the main burner. A side burner will also allow the cooking process to continue at a low heat so you do not over-heat the lobster meat.

Another common way to cook lobster tails is to allow them to defrost on their own. You can defrost them in the refrigerator by simply removing the package from the container and putting the tail inside. You then allow them to sit at room temperature for about a day until they are pliable enough to be defrosted in the freezer.

You can defrost the lobster tail by leaving it in the refrigerator for about a day. You can then remove the tail and put it in the pot to cook for up to ten minutes. This cooking time will depend on the size of the pot that you have. Also, make sure that the pot is placed over medium-high heat. Remember, if the pot boils, it will take a longer cooking time.

If you would like to learn more about grilling and cooking lobster tails, you can check out some great e-books online. They are easy to read and informative. One of these books has a section on grilling lobster tails and several other topics that are similar to this one.

Last but not least, you will need kitchen scissors and a mandolin knife. You can slice the meat with the help of kitchen scissors by slicing across the grain. You can also slice the meat manually with the help of the mandolin knife. You can then remove the chunks of meat with the help of the kitchen scissors and place them into your marinade.

Before cooking, it’s important that you thaw the lobster meat using the right method. It is best to put the pieces into a pot and then bring it to room temperature. The best way to do so is to place the pieces on plates and let them stand on them until they are completely thawed. Once they are frozen, it’s best to defrost them as quickly as possible in order to prevent overcooking. You may want to defrost them overnight if there is an overnight party at home.

After defrosting, the next step is to grill the lobster meat. Keep in mind that it’s better to use a lower temperature for grilling time. When the meat reaches its desired crispiness, just flip it over and continue grilling. Keep in mind that lobster tails cook fast – usually in just 2 3 minutes.

If there are still some unfilled shells, you can use a fork to poke holes in them before adding them to the pot. Then, you can add all of the ingredients listed above – except for the lobster meat. Cover the pot tightly with a lid and then let it heat up until the meat is cooked through. Uncover a minute later and check for doneness by flipping the lobster over and testing for does it bounce back (no visible protruding claws). Cooking a lobster tail shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes in total; no less.

How Long Do You Boil Lobster?

Learning how long do you boil lobster is important if you want to get the best results from your lobster. Lobster is one of the easiest seafood species to cook. However, it can also be one of the trickiest species to cook, especially when you are just starting out. So to help you out here are some lobster boiling water tips that you might find useful.

How Long Do You Boil Lobster?

You can find lots of lobster cooking advice online, but most of these times are way too long for how long should you boil a lobster. The answer is really about half the amount of lobsters in each pot or container. In other words, do not cook them for more than half the total number of lobsters in your pot.

How Long Do You Steep Lobster?

If you are rolling the lobster into tight sheets then all you have to do is to allow them to steam until they are about the same size as soft peas. For tougher lobsters, such as scallops, you can set them aside and gently turn them over every couple of minutes, turning their side to allow them to cook evenly. As far as seating goes, about 20 minutes per pound is good.

How Long Do You Boil Lobster With a Boiling Water Spoon?

It really depends on what type of lobster you are cooking. If you are rolling the shells and letting them steam, then the length of time you will cook them in depends on how long the lobster shell is left after the lobster has been cooked. If you are rolling the whole lobster in sand or a mix of ingredients then the amount of time you will need to cook it is going to depend on the thickness of the sand and how much liquid is left in the mixture when you are finished. The best way to determine the correct time is to simply add a teaspoon of salt and half a cup of water and simmer it for an hour.

How Long Do You Boil Lobster Tails?

Once you have made sure that the lobster tails are cooked through you will want to remove them from the heat source. If you are using a pressure cooker, then you will want to bring it to a boil and then turn the vent fan switch on to bring the water to a boil. Once the water has come to a boil, you will be able to remove the lobster tails from the pressure cooker. They should be ready to go into the pan with the rest of your dinner.

How Long Do You Boil Lobster Claws?

Once the lobster claws are cooked and they are no longer soft you can put them into the pot with the rest of your dinner. To get rid of the excess liquid that may be in the pot, you will want to use a slotted spoon to transfer the claws into the pot. Once the claws are fully inserted into the pot, you will want to cover them with a wet paper towel so as not to burn yourself or the paper towel. Lobsters have a tendency to be very sensitive when it comes to the temperature of the water.

How Long Do You Boil Lobster With Sea Salt?

You can alternate between fresh and sea salt. Fresh lobster should be used when you are making your seafood boil and once it has been removed from the fish. The lobster should not be allowed to sit for more than one minute and should only be cooked to one degree lower than its original temperature. It is also important to note that when you are trying to gauge how long to boil a lobster does not measure the temperature with a thermometer because you could end up cooking it to the maximum limit of its deliciousness.

How Long Do You Boil Lobster With A Tongs?

Using tongs will allow you to get a better grasp on how long to boil a lobster. It will be easier to move the lobster in the pot because of its smaller size, but it still will take some practice. The best way to cook lobster using tongs is to place your lobster on one side of the pot and then extend your tongs through the pot’s body, moving it back and forth over the body of water slowly. Once the lobster is done being cooked, remove it from the pot and place it on a plate covered in aluminum foil before removing the tongs and allowing the lobster to cool down.

Lobster Fried Rice: The Easy Way

Lobster fried rice has become one of my signature foods. A quick look at it shows that it has been in existence for over four decades. On the first visit to my Grandma’s house, she proudly served it to me when I was a teenager. At that time, it was just one of those rare treats that had not yet become a tradition. My cousins and I used to ask for seconds whenever we were hungry. This dish literally brought back many fond memories for me.

From that day on, whenever someone asked me how to make it, I could tell them that it was a version of gon na (brown rice). It is very simple and the preparation part was not difficult at all. “With females, you also get the brown rice,” he explained of his dark brown sack which turns brown when cooked. Then, he would crack those big chunks, just the size of rice grains, and just as delicious, make them into skewer or strainer. The legs get smashed or ground to get rid of the meat.

I learned that the cooking instructions would be the same as with any lobster fried rice recipe. All you have to do is to drain the fat away from the meat by using a large non-oil drum stick. You can use brown or white rice (depending on the flavor of the fish), but you should keep the ingredients separate.

When it comes to making a recipe more interesting, adding ingredients that you would find only in the Far East can really bring out the flavors of the original recipe. In this case, the addition of Long Life Noodles to the recipe brought out a unique flavor that no one would ever replicate. The Long Life Noodle sauce was a natural choice since it is made from dried yellow wheat that is used in most Far East dishes and the noodle itself has a long life (up to 2 years) which gives it an excellent texture.

Long Life Noodle sauce can be prepared in two ways: one is using a deep fryer and the other one is by using the skillet. The skillet is much quicker than the deep fryer. In this way, you can prepare the lobster fried rice as soon as you wake up. In addition, the ingredients of this recipe can be adjusted according to your taste, just add more or less oil and other spice to adjust to your desired taste.

My parents were the ones who came up with the original lobster fried rice recipe in our family. They made it the same way that we do the chicken dishes today using boneless, skinless chicken and white vinegar. My mom has made slight modifications to this recipe and today it has become a family favorite. Of course, it is always good if you have someone who knows how to make lobster fried rice to tweak it for you. My dad can make some amazing chicken dishes and he also does some added modifications to his recipe.

To make the lobster fried rice more authentic, my mom will make some additions to the recipe when she finds something she likes. She will also use different Chinese ingredients based on what she already has on hand. For instance, she will sometimes add dried shrimp to the batter along with some dried bok choy (her favorite). This allows her to have both items readily available should she be in need of them.

As far as Chinese ingredients go, soy sauce is typically the most common ingredient found in a recipe. However, there are many recipes that will use other Chinese sauces or mustard. Most chefs find that using soy sauce provides a rich flavor that is not too spicy for those who do not like their food too hot. It also provides a nice balance for those who might not like a strong flavor. It is great for adding flavor to a dish, but if you want a less strong tasting flavor you might want to consider using a different type of soy sauce.

Make it Right With an Avocado and Lobster Tacos

Lobster Tacos is some of the best you’ll ever have. You just have to get out of your Americana hood and venture into the Mexican enclaves to get this stuff. Best lobster tacos of all time by a long shot. If you are a regular, you may already know how family tends to have something about lobster at every meal. Not less surprising, as it is simply so good.

I’ve been to Mexican restaurants where they served just plain boiled lobster tacos along with some cabbage slaw and a side of corn tortillas. Normally I’m not a big fan of cabbage slaw but the lobster tacos were outstanding. I could tell that there was some sort of special blend of spices going on inside the meat but I didn’t know exactly what it was. Was it cilantro? A lime just? No matter, I still had to come back for more.

Sometimes I’ve also found lime juice, avocado, and corn tortillas rolled up into a small bowl along with some sharp cheddar cheese and an onion, which worked well too. Sometimes I use the same small bowl for the vegetables, which are green onions, shredded carrots, and cauliflower. It works well too!

Sometimes I forget cauliflower and carrot and decide to go with green onions and lime. These work quite well too. I sometimes roll these up into small flatbreads. These are good for sandwiches too, and sometimes I heat them up briefly and put them onto my tortilla. I usually put the meat on first, then avocado and cheese on top. I throw the flatbreads in the microwave for a few seconds before eating.
Sometimes I add chopped baby lobster tails for additional protein and to heighten the taste. Sometimes I use Cayenne pepper, ground beef pinto beans, chopped tomatoes, and cilantro. I always remember to season these with salt and pepper first, but I don’t always use the full sprinkle of the spices. Sometimes I leave some on the sides.

In fact, there’s one very important step in making these tacos that goes unnoticed by many people. This is the fact that you should soak your lobster in fresh lime juice, not saltwater. The juice will preserve the freshness of the lobster, as well as maintain its color and flavor. That’s why I usually soak my lobster for an hour or two before making my lobster tacos.

Another way to dress up my lobster tacos is with pico de Gallo. I buy pico de Gallo, which is a condensed milk foam, at the supermarket. I usually have at least four cans of this in my refrigerator at all times. You can also just buy the stuff prepared, but it still comes in a convenient can.

Finally, I love dressing up my lobster tacos with some tasty fresh guacamole. Guacamole pairs very nicely with seafood, so I usually put some on top of my tacos with my salsa. It adds some flavor but also adds some texture to the lobster meat, which is what I love most about seafood. I usually use canned guacamole for my lobster tacos, but if you’re trying to make your own, feel free to use fresh salsa.
As for garnishing my lobster tacos with some cilantro, fresh lime juice, and a sprinkling of chipotle pepper, just so you know what’s going on my stomach! In addition to these traditional garnishes, I like to top my tacos off with some sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, and salsa. I have also had people ask me how they can make tortilla chips with my meatloaf – that’s another story.

Although I love seafood, I don’t really care for fish in seafood tacos. Sometimes I think they’re a bit starchy for my taste. But other times I love them and have them with the chicken or beef in my meals. So when I make lobster tacos, I really try to avoid the fish in my seafood tacos and have the chicken or beef as the main meat in my lobster tacos instead.

As for me, I love avocado. I have avocado on several of my cold pizza dishes, but I don’t really use avocado in my taco beef or shrimp. Perhaps this is because I find pico de Gallo to be a bit stronger than avocado, and that pico de Gallo just tastes better when blended with egg whites, and not seafood.

Lobster Butter Sauce For Your Next Dinner Party

Lobster Butter Sauce is so delicious and versatile that it can go well with practically any seafood dish. Lobster meat soup, lobster tails salad or even a lobster bisque can be enhanced by the addition of this melt-in-your-mouth goodness. And the best thing about it is that you can make it at home, without having to pay a ton of money at the grocery store. The secret is finding just the right “recipe” in which to use your own ingredients as well as have access to the right type of lobster meat or other seafood.

Instant lobster butter sauce is very easy to make. It can be prepared as you normally would in your pasta saucepan by using one tablespoon of olive oil, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt, and half a cup of chicken broth. Bring to a boil then reduce heat to medium-low, cover for at least thirty minutes. In case the mixture boils over, just add a little more olive oil, reduce the heat and continue to boil.
After boiling, remove from heat and allow to cool. Dissolve the paste in a pan over medium heat until it is just tender enough to mush. When it is almost completely mushy, add the cooked meat to the pan. Cover for two minutes, stirring occasionally, before removing from heat. Keep warm until ready to serve.

This recipe yields two serving-size portions. Makes about three quarts. Or, save the extra leftovers for another day. As an alternative to the saffron-fennel garnish used in this recipe, saffron can also be added. It adds an exciting flavor but is not necessary.

Using a wire whisk, beat the egg whites to combine before adding to the creamed butter saucepan. Add the sugar and salt to the egg whites, beating to combine. In a separate bowl, or in a food processor, using a wire whisk, beat the yolks to combine. Scrape the beaten yolk into the measuring cups, adding one tablespoon at a time. Add the dry ingredients to the wet and beat to combine.
Bring the velvety sauce to a gentle boil. Add the reserved pasta and cooked meat to the boiling water. Cover for five minutes. Remove the lobster meat and scape the pan. Increase the heat to full and simmer for approximately ten minutes.

Bring the sauce to a simmer again, cover for five minutes. Turn off the burner and mix in the parsley and basil. Bring the mixture to a boil once more, cover for additional five minutes.

Once you have blended the sauce completely, place it in a large pot with a lid. Over medium heat, bring the pot to a boil. Reduce heat to medium, cover, and cook for approximately seven minutes. Uncover and stir up the cauliflower puree while the lobster meat cooks in the butter.

After about seven minutes have passed, turn off the heat. Add the cooked lobster meat to the green onions and allow the sauce to cool slightly. While the lobster meat is cooking in the sauce, cut the green onions in half. Place the green onions on top of the lobster meat and allow it to cool slightly.

In a food processor, puree the garlic and onion using a mortar and pestle. Once pureed, strain into a bowl. Strain the pureed garlic and onion through a strainer into another bowl. Add the remaining lobster meat to the pureed garlic and onion mixture and gently mix until completely blended.

If desired, garnish with parsley and then enjoy. Makes one serving two persons. An excellent meal. Store leftovers refrigerated. Word document or save the recipe onto your computer. By serving this easy lobster butter sauce as a dipping sauce for your pasta salad, appetizer, or even as an addition to your next dinner party it will be sure to be a hit.

By the way, if you don’t care for hot sauce, substitute with your favorite barbecue sauce. You may also substitute with any type of clam chowder or potato salad. Be sure and try this delicious sauce. It is sure to be a hit.

How To Eat A Lobster

Learning how to eat a lobster is like learning how to read. It is not as hard as one might think, though. In fact, this very article can be used as a primer on how to eat a lobster. I will not promise that you will become proficient at this without practice, but I will guarantee that you will enjoy a delicious meal after you learn how to do it. Here is how to eat a lobster, step by step.

how to eat a lobster

STEP ONE: Twist the claw off with one hand. If you like to have all of the meat removed from each claw at once, like many people do, twist the claws from side to side. It should come off easily with a bit of wrist action – no special tools required. If not, just hold the claws close together. If they come off rather easily using only one hand (or both), you might want to try using two hands to separate them.

STEP TWO: Take each half of the meat and push it into one or two holes in the side of a pot. Spread the meat out on the pot in the same way that you spread the cracker with the butter. Then use the other hand to crack the knuckles and the flesh of the legs. Remember to have fun! The idea is to have as much meat (and fat) on the cracker as possible so that it “crackles” when it is warmed up.

STEP THREE: Once the meat on the cracker is done boiling, you can serve the lobsters. Put them on a plate and garnish with salt and pepper. You can add cream if you wish. Or if you prefer you can refrigerate them until serving time. This will extend the freshness of the lobsters and make it easier for the executive chef to carve at the reception.

STEP FOUR: Now it is time to remove the claws from the legs of the lobster. Here is where things get tricky. You can take the claw right off the leg by hand but this takes quite some time. So if you are pressed for time, just use your sharp knife to remove the claw.

The third and final step is to remove the large claws (the ones on the sides of the legs) carefully. Use one or two fingers to pry the large claws loose from the body of the lobster. You can do this easily with your fingernails. Don’t worry if it doesn’t come out right away. It will come out eventually.

The claws and knuckles are the heart and soul of a lobster. Remove them safely and set aside to cool. It is now time to remove the meat from the meatballs. There are many different methods for removing the meat from the meatballs.

Some people stick their fingers in the meat and pull it out with their teeth. Others use a fork. Still others use a pair of tongs. A lot of people like to poke fun at each other with their forks, poking and prodding the meat until the shell cracks open and reveals the beautiful meat inside. Whatever method you choose to pull the meat from the lobster, be sure to leave the shell intact – you don’t want to remove the most fragile part of the lobster when you are ready to eat it!

Remove the hard shell around the tail. On some lobsters, you will see a small white ball on the end of the tail called the pectoral fin. This is the tail fin and it is what you will use to remove the meat from the lobster. Here’s a trick that works every time: hold the pectoral fin between your thumb and forefinger and push the tip of the pectoral fin down slightly past the hole in the shell until it comes out the side of the shell.

When the meat comes out of the tail, hold it between your thumb and forefinger and use the other hand to hold onto the lobster claw in the same way you would hold a lobster. Tip the lobster over to one hand and its tail end up facing you. Hold the pectoral fin above the lobster and tip the other one towards your mouth. Tip the other half of the lobster towards your mouth. Now all you have to do is to bite into the meat and dip the claw into the butter.

If you don’t want to eat the claws, you can eat the meat itself. Lobsters are crustaceans, so just hold them in your mouth and let your tongue run along their bodies. You may have to roll the lobster’s body up to eat it. And now you know how to eat a lobster. Good luck!