Happy Hour Menu and Prices for Red Lobster

If you love seafood then you will be pleased to learn that the Red Lobster menu and pricing are definitely something that will amaze you. This is one fine place that not only serves you delicious seafood dishes but also has some great interesting side dishes as well. The place is located in Boston, Massachusetts and is known for its seafood and this is evident on the Red Lobster menu which features some of the most popular entrees such as Maine Lobster roll, crab cake and clam chowder. You can get these exquisite dishes on the appetizer, main course or even on the dessert plate. If you want to have a more affordable side dish, you might want to go with baked potato.

The Red Lobster menu and prices at this establishment are certainly one of a kind. If you have never dined here then you are in for a real treat. The seafood is simply amazing. From Maine Lobster to crab, clam, smoked Maine lobster, prawns, shrimp, salmon, trout, scallops, lobster stuffed French potatoes, Maine side with baked potato and ice cream and a side of nachos is just too much to handle. The prices are very reasonable and worth a stop when in Boston.

The lobster is served on special wood-grilled hot dogs. These are very tasty and if you are not a seafood lover then you will not like this dish. For starters you will find the butterflied scallops, Maine lobster meat, shrimp and wood-grilled shrimp. As with all the dishes at the Red Lobster, the lobster is prepared by using only the finest fresh ingredients.

The Dessert menu has many different kinds of offerings. The clam chowder and Maine Lobster cake are two of the more popular choices. The lobster cakes served on golden buns with fresh strawberries are truly a treat. If you are looking for something a little different you can also find several other delectable dishes, such as chocolate-covered nuts, banana pudding, angel food cake and chocolate pudding. While the chocolate pudding is a favorite of many this restaurant offers a couple of different non-traditional desserts as well, such as pies, quiches and fruit desserts.

In addition to the three dinner entrees, many of the restaurants in Boston offer a variety of different lobster and seafood choices during their lunch specials. Combining lobster and vegetable platters with a variety of different side dishes is a great way to save money while enjoying an enjoyable meal. The lobster is served on special grill trays while the vegetables are served on various platters with a variety of different sauces.

The chicken is one of the more popular entrees on the menu, although the steak is close behind. The Maine lobster and shrimp dishes are both available in many of the locations, as are the Maine lobster and wood-grilled steak. You can also find Maine lobster and wood-grilled beef, which are two of the more popular entrees on the menu. The lobster and shrimp dishes are both offered with special requests such as herb cream and crepes, or a crab salad with crispy grits and dill. For dessert you can get the chocolate eclair and dark chocolate panna cotta, while the steak is available with grilled shrimp and wood-grilled Maine lobster.

Of course, the ultimate meal would have to be the famous lobster pasta salad, and this dish is served at every location. It’s a classic Caesar salad that are very easy to order on the Internet, and it’s always a delicious meal. It includes a shred of fresh lobster on top of the traditional tomato and creamy potato bacon with aioli sauce. For an extra boost you can have some of the “hot” new baked Maine lobster, served with potato salad, grilled vegetable and a cheddar cheese sandwich.

In addition to the main entrees, the New England style menu has several other smaller courses that are priced for an affordable lunch or dinner. For instance, the Maine Lobster Bisque is a five course meal with a variety of dishes that is priced to feed a large group. Other happy hour menu prices include the Maine Lobster Trifle, Filet Mignon, Maine Lobster Ravioli, and the Italian baked potato. As you can see, with all of the Maine choices, you’re sure to find a satisfying menu choice at the happy hour menu of your local Red Lobster.